Celebrating Black History Month

African American Forum
Empowering and Inspiring the next generation

For Black History month we are putting the spotlight on our passionate trailblazing African
Americans from across the business. We asked them about what drives their successes at GE HealthCare, how
they feel about their positions as role models in the business, and how they hope to inspire the
people around them.

To celebrate Black history month, we talked to six members from
​​​​​​​across the business to hear their inspiring stories.
Larry Hillhouse
Roland, VP Software Engineering - Buc, France
Jason Riley
IT Centre of excellence - Krakow, Poland
Dr Wanda Jean Jones
Diána, Technical Project Manager - Budapest, Hungary 
Alexis DeWalt
David, Data Scientist - Budapest, Hungary 
Afiya Perkins
Fabiano, Engineering Manager - Budapest, Hungary
Everett Cunningham
The African American Forum can put you in touch with ​​​​​people who understand your situation and guide you.”

Larry Hillhouse

Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                                                                           

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