Higher-tech health
We’re ushering in a new era of patient care - bringing together data science and AI, advanced algorithms and smarter analytics, to create a world where healthcare has no limits.
Ready to harness the power of digital?

We live in a profoundly connected world, where billions of people use technology to share, collaborate and solve incredibly complex problems everyday.  Now
we're bringing that same approach to global healthcare – pushing the boundaries of digital to revolutionize not only the way diseases are diagnosed and
treated but also how our business – and our industry – works.

To join us on that journey, our new Science and Technology organization is looking for top digital talent across a wide range of technologies and specialisms – everything from Software Developers and Cloud Architects to Product Managers and Test Engineers.  Wherever you join us, and in whatever role, you'll be able
to harness the true power of digital to help create a healthier world.

"Our Science and Technology organization will be focused on GE HealthCare’s purpose: To create a world where healthcare has no limits. We have an opportunity to work closely with customers to help solve their challenges, ranging from staffing shortages to faster ​​​diagnostic scan times." 

Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Chief Technology Officer
Driving a new era of precision care

Precision care is an approach to healthcare that is integrated, efficient and highly personalized. As a leading global medical technology company, we’re at the forefront of delivering this innovative new era of care, which has the potential totransform outcomes for patients,providers, health systems and researchers around the world. The scale and breadth of our portfolio, along with our digital capabilities, makes us unique – and perfectly placed to lead this revolution.
Intelligence to enable
better patient care

GE HealthCare’s D3 precision care emphasizes smart devices, disease state focus and digital to bring data together in the right place at the right time. Our
technology is already driving the digitization of
healthcare. By leveraging healthcare machine
learning, deep learning, AI and analytics it supports a
raft of healthcare applications designed to increase productivity, streamline workflows, eliminate
duplication and deliver the most personalized patient
care yet seen.

"As part of our innovation-centered approach, we are proud to have received 200+ patents and 100+ publications in top tier 1 conferencefor the last 3 years.

We will continue to invest in AI towards building large foundational models which will help reduce the time to bring in new products and unlock untapped capabilities at a much faster pace."

Parminder Bhatia, Chief AI Officer

Science and Technology

Our new Science and Technology organization is united behind our common goal
of advancing the future of healthcare by elivering personalized care across the
patient journey toimprove patient outcomes and increase productivity for
​​​​​​​customers. We are solving the biggest problems in healthcare today:
Health system efficiency and access 
Extremely high demand for efficient, cost-effective products and solutions that provide flexibility where care is delivered, while also increasing access.
Digitization of health
Digital is a key enabler for precision care - connecting longitudinal data and layering it with analytics and AI to create a longitudinal view of a patient across a care pathway; developing Edison Digital platform, an integrated AI engine, tools and platform open to developers, makes it easier
to introduce new apps. 
Improving health outcomes
Specific data insights enable decisions to be made by physicians with the most complete, relevant, up-to-date data available.