We are stronger together
To make life better for all,​​​
we start with our people
Our mission is to make life better for everyone across the world, and that all starts with the well-being and empowerment of our people.

We are dedicated to creating a culture of compassion and empathy that helps us to create the collaborative, diverse and inclusive teams that will discover the solutions of tomorrow.

Our values for success

​​​​​Growth Mindset
We value continuous learning through imagination, ​​​​curiosity, and collaboration.
People First
We are powered by the people who work for us and who we work for.
We work with focus, speed, accountability and nimbleness on what truly matters to our customers and staff.
We nurture a culture of inclusivity, so all our people are empowered to create the solutions for tomorrow.
"I love being in a fast-paced
learning enviroment, where I
can challenge myself."

Molly Hodan
Finance Management Program, Chicago



    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    It's our differences that make us stronger

                  As a passionate, inclusive and diverse team of idealists, we nurture a culture of collaboration and
                   imagination to spark collective innovation. And when you bring your authentic self to work as part
                    of our team, we know that together, we can reach our potential and achieve the impossible.

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Our people power our progress
​​​​​​​It all starts with you. We know that a valued, happy, empowered, and healthy team provides the platform for us all to achieve our shared vision for the future.
Mental Health

We are commited to nurturing a healthy workforce, both physically and mentally. Which is why we offer benefits, facilities and support programs aimed at healthy living.
Colleague Resource Group

Our resource groups provide a culture of inclusivity to encourage and support collaboration and empowerment across the business. 
Parental Leave

We feel that both parents have equal rights to take time with their newborns. Which is why we have policies that ensures that you are their for those precious moments.
Flexible Working

A happy work life balance means a productive and motivate workforce. We want to work with you and be flexible to your work rhythms and life commitments.
Learning & Development

Continuous learning is at the heart of what we do, which is why we offer virtual learning courses, development programs and are experimental learning. All designed to help you grow with us.
Total Rewards

Our benefits programs and policies are designed and prepares to develop, empower, and support you at every stage in your time with us. Because when you thrive, We thrive.
"GE HealthCare has fostered a culture of belonging for me by continuously championing openness and receptivity throughout all dynamic terms in the company. I feel like I can bring my most authentic self to work every day."

Obi Ogbonna
Engineer, Milwaukee Wisconsin                                                                                                                                                                           

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