Business areas

Our business is divided into four key segments,each dedicated to
designing products, solutions and services that allow our customers to
deliver more precise and efficient patient care.

Our business areas
Our products, technology and solutions improve lives in moments that matter. Our work is complex, innovative and highly challenging, but it’s worth every moment because it makes a positive impact in the world.

GE HealthCare equipment scans over a billion patients every year. Our Imaging products empower healthcare professionals to better visualize the inside of the body, to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. We’re embracing the digital healthcare revolution with more than 50 apps.


Our ultrasound portfolio is broad and meets clinical needs in diverse situations. We design and optimize systems for unique care settings, including; women’s health, cardiovascular, general radiology, primary care and point of care ultrasound. 
Patient Care Solutions

We develop medical devices and technology that help sustain life. They support patient care in every setting throughout the hospital environment. Our vision is to connect caregivers and patients in an ecosystem that helps enhance patient care, enables better decision making and drives efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Diagnostics

Our Pharmaceutical Diagnostics (PDx) business is the global leader in imaging agents, administered to improve the images that radiologists use to diagnose and monitor disease. Its products support neurology, cardiology and oncology procedures and are used to image three patients every second.

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